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Land Use and Zoning

Land use refers to the practice of developing and managing real property in an efficient and ethical manner to promote smart growth and preserve the environment.  In today's landscape, a property owner's rights to use and develop land require counsel with a focused yet multidisciplinary approach.

Mike works with individuals, developers, and municipalities on projects ranging from area variances for residential lots to major site plans for hotels, water parks, mixed uses, and senior housing developments.  He regularly appears before legislative boards, planning boards, and zoning boards of appeals on behalf of applicants seeking land use approvals, but he has also represented and defended municipalities.  Mike’s extensive training and experience in environmental law and land use allows him to navigate the complex administrative and regulatory framework at the municipal and agency levels.  Most importantly, Mike believes in a hands-on approach, often preferring to meet on-site with clients and consultants to invest himself and better understand their goals.